Welcome to Walnut Hill Gardens:  northern daylilies, hostas, & siberian irises
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Walnut Hill Gardens the home of northern hardy daylilies

2015 Welcome to our garden...


Hemerocallis 'Ethel Linder Stoll'Welcome to Walnut Hill Gardens!  Thirty Five years ago, Lynn and Barry Stoll bought ten acres of the most wooded, hilly land they could find in Eastern Iowa.  Over the years, they have gradually transformed the site into a series of gardens for both sun- and shade-loving perennials.  As their “little hobby” got completely out of hand and took on a life of its own, it grew into a small perennial nursery called Walnut Hill Gardens.  Walnut Hill Gardens is an official display garden for the American Hemerocallis Society, and has been a featured tour garden on the 1992 national American Hosta Society convention, the 2000 National Convention of the Society for Siberian irises, and numerous regional and local daylily conventions.  Lynn and Barry are both garden judges for the American Hemerocallis Society; Lynn is also a garden judges’ training instructor for the AHS, and has served as Regional Vice President and a member of the AHS Board of Directors.

Garden visitors can enjoy the sunny perennial gardens which feature over 2500 different named daylily cultivars and many seedlings, along with over 250 different Siberian and species irises.  In the cool shade of the timber behind the house, over 600 different hostas and other shade-loving plants and wildflowers can be seen along the paths that wind past the gazebo and through the woods.  The gardens are accented by a collection of outdoor sculptures ranging from the whimsical to three large commissioned metal sculptures by the late Iowa City artist Eric Shaw.  A three-quarter acre pond provides a nesting site for wild waterfowl.

Walnut Hill Northern Daylilies

Our Philosophy

We specialize in identifying and growing daylilies and other perennials which are well suited to our harsh Midwest climate, with its extremes of cold winters, hot summers, strong winds, multiple freeze-thaw cycles in spring, and capricious rainfall.  Our goal is to provide you with the kind of plants we like:  good garden performance, attractive flowers, and dependable hardiness.  Our top priorities are Northern hardiness and vigor.  We are pleased to feature the daylily introductions of Lynn Stoll; these cultivars have been bred and selected specifically for their overall performance in Zones 4-5.  We hope that some of these will appeal to you. 

We are proud to offer a wide selection of cultivars from many Northern hybridizers, including large collections of Curt Hanson, Steve Moldovan, and John Benz daylilies. Along with a good representation from Jamie Gossard and Karol Emmerich.  Although many semi-evergreens and even some evergreens perform well here, many of our customers prefer to purchase only dormant daylilies.  For the convenience of these Northern customers, the more than 700 different dormants in our listings are indicated with the boldface Do.     

Many varieties are not listed here because of limited stock; however, if you are looking for a particular variety, please inquire; we may have it in limited quantities.  Since we’re a small family business, we do not have extensive stocks of most varieties – so please order early.